(Reg. pat. no. 300387 - US pat. no. 5950 388)

For maximum use of sports facilities with floors of synthetic grass, ice, sports surface, parquet, concrete etc, whenever there is a need for a portable temporary floor for different sports or for commercial activities.

The panels must be laid out with the outermost lower lips pointing in the direction in which the floor is to be laid. If there is no contact with a fixed straight wall, edge or the like, use a builder's line along the long side. The unique upper and lower lip system, with no tight -fitting joints, guides itself into place, making it extremely quick and easy to lay and remove the panels.

The polypropylene (PP) strip must be inserted between the short ends of the panels as they are laid in place. They must always be put in place BEFORE the next row of panels is laid down.

  • BJ-JointingSystem is designed for multipurpose use - one and the same system can be used for gala balls, exhibitions, trade fairs, ball games, in-line skating (non-slip) etc.

  • Stable, smooth, uninterrupted surface with no edges on which to trip and no risk of injuries. Unique and simple.

  • Very quick to install and remove. Eight men can lay 1000m² in two hours.

  • No tools, only a loose polypropylene strip which is hidden from view between the short ends.

  • No tight-fitting joints - the panels guide themselves into place.

  • Laid in bond. The system can be used on both sides, giving far more possible uses than any other system - and a very long useful life.

  • Several finishes, and combinations of finishes, are possible. Eg, one side (non-slip) for exhibitions, trade fairs, in-line skating, etc, - and the other side (smooth) for dancing, Taraflex (or the like) and/or other sports activities.

  • Together with, eg, Taraflex Sports Surface, the floor performs to the standards required by the sports department of the Norwegian Ministry of Cultural Affairs for portable removable sports floors.

  • Requires minimum storage space.

  • BJ-JointingSystem can be used in all situations on most smooth surfaces, including ice sheets, whenever there is a need for a temporary portable, flexible floor which is to be used over and over again.